Pakuwon Group's Corporate Social Responsibility together with the Surabaya City Government participated in the 2023 Gotong Royong program. The assistance was provided to 8 sub-districts in Surabaya, including Sukolilo, Mulyorejo, Tandes, Tegalsari, Sambikerep, Wonokromo, Bulak, and Krembangan Districts.

The program organized by Pakuwon Peduli in 2023 with the theme "Strong Synergy of Great Surabaya" provides assistance in the form of school fees and foster parents for toddlers affected by stunting. This mutual cooperation event was held for 4 days, namely on 11 April 2023 (Sukolilo, Mulyorejo, Tandes), 12 April 2023 (Tegalsari), 13 April 2023 (Sambikerep, Wonokromo), and 17 April 2023 (Bulak, Krembangan).

Together We Grow!