PT Pakuwon Jati (PWON) booked net income Q3 2021 of Rp 3,788 billion, an increase of 24.3% from last year of Rp 3,047billion. Gross profit this year is at Rp 1,727 billion, an increase of 14.5% compared to last year of Rp 1,508 billion. Meanwhile EBITDA of Rp 1,852 billion is 15.5% higher than last year’s Rp 1,603 billion.

Revenue composition of 2021 comprise 44% recurring revenue and 56% development revenue. This composition is consistent with the Company’s strategy to grow with balanced composition of recurring and development revenue.

Low interest rate and VAT incentive from government has pushed marketing sales on Q3 2021 which amounted to Rp 1,006 billion, a growth of 38.7% compared to same period last year. This amount of marketing sales is equivalent to 71.9% from Company’s target in 2021 of Rp 1,400 billion

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