PT Pakuwon Jati, Tbk.
Code: PWON.IJ (Bloomberg), PWON.JK (Reuters)
Semester 1 2023, Net Profit PWON Grows 50%


Press Release

Financial Performance 1st Semester 2023

PT Pakuwon Jati (PWON) recorded net revenue in H1 2023 Rp 2.897 billion, 5,3% increase compared to last year of Rp 2.751 billion. Gross Profit this year is recorded at Rp 1.618  billion, 14,1% better than last year of Rp 1.418 billion. In line, EBITDA Rp 1.622 billion is 12,1% better than last year of Rp 1.447 billion. Net Profit is recorded at Rp 1.240 billion increasing 49,6% compared to last year of Rp 829 billion.



Company’s Recurring revenue in H1 2023 amounting to Rp 2.209 billion, 24,0% better than last year of Rp 1.781 billion. The Recurring Revenue comprises revenue from retail mall Rp 1.532 billion, 22% better than last year of Rp 1.254 billion, revenue from office leasing Rp 155 billion up 4% from last year of Rp 148 billion and revenue from hospitality Rp 522 billion, up 38% compared to last year of Rp 379 billion.

On the other hand, Development revenue Perseroan in 1st semester 2023 decreases 29.1% to Rp 688 billion from last year of Rp 970 billion.

Revenue per segment breakdown is retail leasing 53%, hotel and serviced apartment 18%, office leasing 5%condominium 7%, landed houses sales 14% and office sales 3%.


Marketing Sales semester 1 2023 

Company’s Marketing Sales in semester 1 2023 is recorded at Rp 600 billion, down from last year of Rp 800 billion. 

Sales in this semester comprise landed houses 43%, condominium 54% and office 3%.


Capital Expenditure 

Company’s capital expenses for H1 2023 amounting to Rp 765 billion to fund the constructions of Pakuwon Mall Bekasi, Pakuwon City Mall, Pakuwon Mall Jogja dan Solo Baru renovation, and acquisition of Four Points by Sheraton Bali, Kuta as well as to acquire landbank.


Overview of PT Pakuwon Jati Tbk.

Pakuwon Jati, is the owner, manager, and property developer who has been in the field for 41 years. Pakuwon Jati is the first property developer to be listed on BEI in 1989 and is still listed until today. The Company has business concept that is diversified through property investment, where Pakuwon Jati develops, owns, and manages commercial shopping centers, office buildings, hotels, as well as property development. Besides, Pakuwon Jati also develops office buildings, strata-title condominiums, and township-scale residential. Pakuwon Jati strives to continue growing with balanced recurring and development revenue.


Below is the Company’s portfolio:

  • Superblok Gandaria City, Jakarta (pusat perbelanjaan ritel, apartemen, perkantoran dan hotel)
  • Superblok Kota Kasablanka, Jakarta (pusat perbelanjaan ritel, apartemen dan perkantoran)
  • Somerset Berlian, Jakarta (apartemen servis)
  • Blok M Plaza, Jakarta (pusat perbelanjaan ritel)
  • Superblok Tunjungan City, Surabaya (pusat perbelanjaan ritel, apartemen, perkantoran dan hotel)
  • Superblok Pakuwon Mall, Surabaya (pusat perbelanjaan ritel, apartemen, apartemen servis,  dan hotel)
  • Royal Plaza, Surabaya (pusat perbelanjaan ritel)
  • Pakuwon City township (landed residential), Pakuwon City Mall (pusat perbelanjaan ritel), Amor Tower,  Pakuwon City Mall tahap 3 dan East Coast Mansion tahap 2  (pusat perbelanjaan ritel dan apartemen yang sedang dalam masa pembangunan), serta apartemen Educity, di Surabaya Timur
  • Grand Pakuwon township (landed residential) dan Food Junction (Hypermarket, culinary & leisure destination), di Surabaya Barat
  • Superblok Pakuwon Mall, Bekasi (pusat perbelanjaan ritel, apartemen, dan hotel yang seluruhnya sedang dalam masa pembangunan)
  • Pakuwon Mall Jogja dan Yogyakarta Marriot Hotel (pusat perbelanjaan ritel dan hotel)
  • Pakuwon Mall Solo Baru (pusat perbelanjaan ritel)
  • Four Points by Sheraton Bali, Kuta (hotel)



For further information, please contact :

Minarto Basuki (Director and Corporate Secretary) 
PT Pakuwon Jati, Tbk.

Pakuwon City Mall 5th Floor 
Jl. Kejawan Putih Mutiara No. 17, Surabaya
Phone : (6231) 58208788